A v r a f a s t e s   D O T T I R   -   G a l l e r y

It is already 13 years!

Pensioner Lady is 12 years old <3

Dottir - tenth anniversary ;-)

Dottir 7,5 - 8 years ;-)

Dottir`s huge love to the cats ;-)

Dottir April 2010 ;-)

And who would believe that Steamy and Dottir there will be such big friendship ;-) Running is without end ;-)

Steamy and Dottir on water trip ;-) For Steamy it was first serious swimming ;-) For invitation and hospitality thanks to Xadar ;-)

Spring has come, Dottir`s happy life with setter`s company ;-)

Conny & Dottir after "pups bringing up" ;-) Finally calm... ;-)

Summer Dottir ;-)))

Dottir`s winter wandering ;-)))

Autumn came, I bacame pretty big girl ;-)))

Missy forced me to participate in the show in Leszno and it was so terribly hot, I thought I`ll melt. Fortunately I won, got some certificates or something and missy promised me any more shows for longer time. I prefer the forest instead of shows. Thanks for Krolewska Kraina for photos ;-)

How do hovis sleep? And everybody is wondering then why the walls are dirty ;-)))

From the cycle "My life with seters": fight for a sock ;-)))

Finally the real winter! Snow it`s something what hovis the most like ;-)))

It`s me with Conny, I`ll tell you a secret, he`s my best friend ;-) And near by we are all together, our whole four, e.i. 1 hovawart, 2 irlands and 1 hovo-gordon-setter, e.i. me! ;-))))

You won`t believe it! It`s our this year`s winter ... And I like snow so much ...

International Show in Poznan in Novemver, they give here Poland Winner title. I was going in junior class, I had 5 other females in competition and I won!!! We were so happy with my missy! I became Polish Junior Winner and Best Junior ;-)

We have completely autumn as you can see ;-)

In August I was on International Show in Sopot. I went there to get missing "big" Junior Winnership to my Champion title, and I managed that! I became Champion in course of 4 shows. Here I had large competition, because there were 4 girls. But the judge said I`m the best built and developed and I`m moving myself grate ;-) My missy was veeery proud of me ;-)

9-12.06.2004 grand Hovawart Meeting in Ksieze Mlyny by Lodz. There were more than 45 of us and among them also me ;-) My missy has tested all days long other hovis, so we with Conny enjoyed many walks in fixed team ;-) It was grate, I`m telling you!

We have at home a cats litter. Was I also so small once ?

And after the walk the best is to sleep, and the most comfortable place are of course stairs ;-)

I'm so crazy ;-) And the most I like is to run ;-)

Hoops, and here I am ;-)

Do you know that there, behind the fence, are small rabbits ?!?

I had my first serious photo session ;-) Uff, it`s so hard to be a model ;-)

I'm fallin asleep, pelase don't disturb!

It's me on grate hovawart meeting in Kownatki 18-19.10.2003. I had there my first mentality tests in my youthful live ;-) Fortunately I passed them very well so my missy could be proud of me ;-)

My first show. Missy said, I would be presented in Baby class, because I was only 4 months old. But I didn't care. I showed myself very good and got the note "Very Promising". Grate that there was my friend D'Arsy Palacowe Pieknosci with us, so we didn't feel bored as it started to rain heavily ;-((

And finally, I've grown up, I'm almost as big as setter ;-) and finally I'm able to keep pace in chases!

My life with Irish Setters ... To uninitiated, I'm a setter too, but a Gordon Setter ;-))) My missy promised me that instead of doing something like IPO course, we will go for trials! I can't waited yet ;-)))

And after walking, sleeping is the best thing ;-))

Walking in the forest is extra ...

I wanna be a cat, too! ;-))

Dotti (3 months) as a spectator on her first dog show ;-)

Some photos from Dotti's private life e.i. Dotti hiding in bushes, hunting the wild boars, thirsty after a long walk and finally sleeping (believe me, it's not a common view) ;-)))

It's me and my daddy Aggy. I think he doesn't like me ...

It's me with my missy. Look at me! - I'm a bat-dog ;-))

I was told it was Poland but unfortunately I overslept the ferry. I didn't notice any huge differences ... ok ... maybe this language was a little bit strange ;-)

During the trip from Oslo to Stockholm we stopped at the bank of a marvelous lake. I had to much energy to let anybody take a good photo ;-)

Farewell photo with my breeders - Hege and Hakon. I'll miss you so much ....

I'm still in Drammen. I'm 6 weeks old - a tiny bandit ;-)

I'm 3 weeks old, posing, so my new missy in Poland could see me ;-)) But where is Poland? Suppose, far from here, but don't worry I'll manage that ;-))

Thus the whole story started ;-) That is my mother and my litter brothers and sisters. You can find me somewhere there treading others as I was the biggest one ;-)